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Down with the mouse

A large database is not always easy to control as the mouse. Fortunately, there are powerful shortcuts, all show which for many a well kept secret. CTRL and Shift are your friends. Press both keys in combination with one of the arrow keys to select all cells with data in line with those arrows. Combining go. CTRL + Shift + End to select all of the active cell to the lowest rightmost cell data while CTRL + Shift + * marks the entire dataset for selection.


Tip 2


Excel is smart enough to fill entire rows or columns themselves, but you should know that the feature exists. Autocomplete is dead simple: Type the beginning of a dataset, select what you already have and drag down or on it from the bottom right corner of the last selected cell. Excel will now deduce what you plan and fill these cells according to the logic array that detects it. Especially in data or logical sequences of numbers this method is a time saver.


Tip 3

Slim program

Excel understands what you're doing. Imagine you want to create a list of phone numbers formatted hideous readable. Start typing this purpose alongside the list of raw data and the style numbers as you want. The first two you will have to type out himself, knows from number three (the latest version) Excel normally what is the purpose and the program takes over the work. Excel takes into account all previous data cells. Not only giving a different style is so dead simple even merge data working from several columns. Consider a column name, column name, and a third column with two names from number three is all completed automatically.



Tip 4

From column to row

You sit with columns, but you have rows. Annoying. Manual transfer is not an option, there you busy for hours and in your mind the silent gnawing suspicion that there must be a better way. Your mind is right: copy the data to adjust, and then under Paste Paste Special. A dialog box with the bottom right appears Transpose box. Vink it on, and columns become rows (and vice versa).


Tip 5

Everywhere the same

Do you want the same data into multiple cells, which do not necessarily stand together? That can, and faster than all manually enter or even manually copying and pasting. Select all cells in which the same data to appear (by dragging or Ctrl), type what you want in the last cell and press CTRL + Enter: the data is now in all desired cells.


Tip 6

A graph for life.

Even though Excel charts more than there are stars in the sky: your ideal graph requires some work. Tinkering is not a problem, but when you have developed the plot of your dreams you will always have at your fingertips. Save a template is fortunately quite simple. Right click on your masterpiece and choose Save as Template. To reopen the template, choose Insert under the Aanbovelen button graphics. Navigate to the tab that all graphs and click the folder icon templates.


Tip 7

Play hide and seek

A cell with data hiding, but they still use: it is, but you should know where to look. Right-click the cell that you want to hide the content and select Format Cells. Go there under Number to Custom. Under Type you now fill ;;; in. The cell will appear as empty, but can still be used in calculations.


Tip 8

Conditional formatting

A dataset quickly organized even without graphics can Conditional Formatting using the option. Color Scales Data bar or two options that you can see at a glance how data in a cell compares to the other data. Think of a color code in which the highest (or lowest) number will receive a bright green cell, the other extreme bright red gets attributed to a gradation between the different values. By the data bar, each mini-cell, a kind of graph, with a bar that moves from left to right in the cell. The longer the bar, the higher the value.


Tip 9

Snapshot of your screen

Excel has a built-in feature that allows you a screenshot of a window openstaand can import without you having to work must PrtScn or a third party application. Under Insert at the box over images is the option to make a screen capture. If you click on that, then you will see a list of open windows so that you can choose from. So no need to advance themselves to take a screenshot.


Tip 10

Sticking with colleagues

Data between the various office programs is completely automatic. Copy and paste between, say, Excel and Word are very intuitive but it is important that you keep in mind that the graphics in the new program is linked to Excel. Change your source data, the chart will change. Paste the chart is the most convenient option. Choose instead in Word Under Paste, Paste Special, where you can select Microsoft Excel Chart Object.

What computer platform you use, or what kind of hardware you have, chances are almost 100% that you've been in contact with Microsoft Word. Consider this article, therefore, as modern clippy. We will show you some tricks that you too, as undoubted Word veteran, probably not all of them will know. Namely Word has so many inherent features! And some more because you know there again after reading this.

A note in advance: these tips are tested in Word 2013 on the PC.


Tip 1: Get analyzes how you write

You can make Word statistics show how you write. For these figures you just have to perform a spell check, then these small numbers at the end. Put before it under File> Options> Check under 'When spelling and grammar checker in Word uncheck the box for "Show readability statistics" on.



Tip 2: Beautiful frame in a different color

This is only in specific cases come in handy, but will certainly do well at parties. If you hold down the Alt key while clicking and dragging with your mouse, you can create a loft in a document, select all characters within that framework. These can then edit again.

Tip 3: Free (fill) text

If you've ever needed opvultekst, but are spontaneous and your keyboard will beat interspersed with occasional a space, then you have wasted time. There is a Lorem Ipsum generator embedded in Word, which a lot of vomit in Latin (from a 2000 year old work of Cicero , if you want to know) drop for you.

Just type this in:

= Lorem (p, l)

And replace "p" by the number of paragraphs that you want, and the "l" by the number of sentences. Place your cursor at the end of the formula and press enter. If you have something against Latin, replace "lorem" with "edge" (ie: = rand (p, l))

Tip 4: Select sentence with one click

Click and drag for amateurs. Since you do not belong. If you hold down Ctrl and click a word, you select a time the whole sentence.

Tip 5: Write Anywhere

You can use Word as whiteboard and text where you want. Just double-click anywhere on the page, and you can start typing. Word automatically makes hard returns and tabs. This is the avant-garde poet.


Tip 6: change schreeuwerigheid

You can select by pressing the button or must be written in capitals, or reverse the settings. Choose from lowercase, UPPERCASE or, for unclear reasons, reversing letters. The option is under start, top left letter color: the Aa button.


Tip 7: make the invisible visible